Herbal Medicine

Herbs are a very important part of my practice. I prescribe herbal medicine to support the patients’ healing between acupuncture treatments.

The therapeutic approach of herbal medicine differs from that of pharmaceutical prescriptions in several ways. First, I prescribe only herbal formulas, meaning that each prescription contains a combination of herbs, each playing a different role at a different dosage. These herbs work synergistically together to enhance each other’s efficacy and to smooth out any side effects. Second, the herbal formulas are designed to enhance general physiological functions, eg. enhance overall blood circulation, stimulating GI tract and lubricating intestines to promote bowl movements. In contrast, most pharmaceutical prescriptions are much more specific in nature.

I am very critical and selective with our herbal prescriptions, specifically:

  • No herbal formulas that contain animal parts (with the exception of Lu Ron (deer antler)).
  • Only herbal formulas from manufacturers with the strictest quality control.
  • No raw herbs. All our herbal formulas are flash-dried aqueous extract in capsules. The capsule form is not only the best way to ensure quality and consistence, it is also convenient and painless to take.

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