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Welcome to Meridian AHC Initial Intake Form

Remember how everytime you went to a doctor’s office for the first time, you were given a clipboard and a BIC pen and a set of forms that looks like it’s been xeroxed over 50 times…  You then have to sit there for 10 minutes to fill out this form. And then the doctor is going to review it before seeing you…  

There’s got be a better way.

Well, I thought so too.  That’s why I am doing our Initial Intake Form online.  Do it before you show up for the appointment, when and where it’s convenient for you.  By having you do this before your visit, I can review it before actually meeting you.  So we’ll spend the limited clinic time on actual treatments, not filling out forms.  Isn’t this a much better way to spend your time?

Now, most people don’t like filling out these forms. We know. We are like that too. But there is simply not a better way for us to get to know you as an individual.

Before you begin, we like to assure you a few things:

  1. We are here to work with you, not to judge you.
  2. Notice the on the URL bar on your browser? It is a secure link.
  3. Your information is confidential and will be stored in our secure server.
  4. Your confidentiality is protected by HIPPA.

So take a deep breath, and dedicate a few minutes for yourself. Tell us as much as you can. Of course, the more we know about your health history and conditions, the better we can serve you.

The form may seem long, but it is usually done in 12 minutes or less if your health history is not too complicated. If you have a complicated health history, all the more reasons to go through this process.

So let’s get started.  But first you need to register for an account.  So let’s do that first.

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