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Have needles will travel for house calls in San Francisco or Walnut Creek areas

I remember this French movie I saw one time, where it depicted a doctor making a house call.  As an American, seeing a doctor making house calls seems strange…Until I pulled my right glut four months ago.  It was so painful and debilitating, performing the most essential basic daily routines like rolling off the bed, or going to the restroom was seemingly impossible.  Forget about the mundane task of taking the garbage from the kitchen to the dumpster in the garage. That took me 30 minutes. Fortunately, I knew how to fix it. Yes, I needled myself.  It’s kind of tricky to needle one’s on buttock, but I managed and I got better quickly.But how about people who couldn’t fix themselves, or people who have a worse condition than I did?  A condition that is so bad, they can’t even get in the car to go to a clinic. Or someone who is simply too busy to even find time to get treated?So at the urge of a close MD friend, I am now accepting limited house calls in San Francisco and Walnut Creek (depending on the day of the week) starting April, 2019.Rates:55-min session: $180

Finer points:

  1. Last appointment 8pm.
  2. The practitioner must accept the appointment request to finalize the booking
  3. Can be combined with insurance
  4. No more than 2 flights of stairs

Space requirement:

  1. The size of the treatment table is 84” x 24”, please allow at least one foot of space on all four sides so the practitioner can move around the table

Where and When:

  1. San Francisco: Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri and Sat
  2. Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Danville, Orinda on Wed and Sunday


For a list of my specialties, please seeTo book an appointment, click hereTo see what insurance are accepted here, click here 

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