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Sunday Acupuncture Clinic in Walnut Creek

The traditional Sunday ritual: croissant, coffee and acupuncture. Or pu’er tea, dim sum, and acupuncture. Either is great. I can’t help you with the food and drinks, but I can definitely help you restore your wellness with acupuncture.

If you work a 9-5 job, like most people, you must have known what a hassle it is trying to go to a doctor’s appointment, or any kind of appointment for that matter, during regular working hours.  It completely disrupts your work schedule.  And that is assuming that you can even pull yourself away for a couple hours, and that’s certainly not a given.  And Saturday is the day you try to catch up on things, or maybe socialize or just try to catch a breather, so Saturdays are hard for you to seek medical attention too.  So yes, Sunday sounds like the ideal day for you to finally relax a bit and afford yourself the care you need and deserve.

Except so are all the medical professionals. They too want their Sundays.

Well, I love working with patients on Sunday. The building is quiet, the parking lot is empty. The foot traffic through the building is light. The energy is just mellow – just the right energy for healing.

So if you have been struggling with finding the right practitioner and time to take care of yourself, my Sunday Clinic just might be what you’ve been missing!


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