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How to Maximize the Benefits of Your Treatments

And they are surprisingly easy!

For your first appointment

Our first meeting is undoubtedly the most important session.  It gives me a chance to familiarize with your overall constitution, health history, life style, and treatment goals.  However, in order to keep the costs as low as possible for my patients, I do not allocate extra time for the first session as most practitioners do.  As a result, we must use the limited clinic time as efficiently as possible, and that’s why completing your initial intake form in time for me to review your history before your session is so important.

In order to customize your treatment to your specific needs and help you feel better, I need to know about your health history. Are you currently on any medication? What about past surgeries and injuries? How long have you had the current health complain?

How about your life style – Are you getting enough sleep? What is your diet like? Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? How about food allergies?

What do you do for exercise? How is your energy level? Are you content in general or stressed out most of the time?

Your answers to all these questions and any additional information you can share will help tremendously. To treat you as a whole person, not just a set of symptoms, I need to know as much about you as possible.

So sit down, take a deep breath. Remember, this is not Spanish Inquisition, and there is certainly no one here to judge you. The more I know, the better I will be able to help you.

Here are a few tips on what to wear, how to prepare, etc.


It’s always a good idea to arrive at your acupuncture a little early to give yourself a chance to relax into the session.

Because needle insertions must be applied to bare skin when we do acupuncture, please wear loose and comfortable clothes that would allow access to your body. Most of time, I would needles the abdomen and upper/lower back, so an overall or a one-piece dress is not ideal (but towels and blankets are available to cover you in full or in part).

I commonly palpate and needle points on your lower extremities, so tights, panty hose, or skinny jeans will be a bit hindering.  I also commonly use points along the arms, on the shoulders and the neck.


After receiving an acupuncture treatment, patients usually feel relaxed and a little sedated, akin to waking up from a slumber.  So afford yourself a little time to gather your faculties and focus before embarking on tasks that require concentration, like driving, for example.


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